Yard Waste

Most municipalities are collecting yard waste curbside i.e. leaves and tree limbs (limbs no longer than 4 ft. long and no stumps) and making compost. Please contact your municipality for possible curbside collection or if there is a drop-off and compost available.

If your municipality does not collect yard waste see https://findacomposter.com or below to have yard waste removed or to drop it off for composting. 

Arborganic Acres  Composting - Pottstown (Chester County)

Barn Side Farm  Composting - Schwenksville (Montgomery County)

Ratoskey & Trainer Topsoil and Mulch Composting  -  Lower Providence (Montgomery County)  Currently not accepting leaves.

Two Particular Acres Composting - Royersford (Montgomery County)

A large amount of yard debris may be dropped off at a Construction & Demolition site for a fee.