Hardback books are hard to recycle because of their binding the glue and hard covering. Most material recovery facilities (MRFs) are only set up to handle two-dimensional paper products like a sheet of newspaper or office paper. The size, shape, and awkward nature of a book makes recycling difficult. Recommendations include:

  • Consider donating your used or old books to a thrift store or other used book outlet.
  • Check with your local library. Many times libraries will sell used or old books as a fundraiser.
  • Check with your trash / recycling hauler to see if and how they will accept books to be recycled curbside.

Paper Retriever Drop-Off Locations.  Books and magazines will be recycled as paper at the locations listed.  No hard covered or thick books will be accepted unless the pages are removed from the cover and binding.  Hard covers and binding are trash.

Visit to donate books for reuse.
Visit for Better World Books Drop Box Finder. 
Visit search your local city on the map to donate books for reuse.