Batteries - Rechargeable Batteries

All rechargeable batteries can be taken to any Household Hazardous Waste event for recycling or put into kiosk drop boxes located at the entrance of most Home Depot, Lowes, Staples, Best Buy and electronics retail stores such as Batteries Plus Bulbs. Locate a drop-off near you by visiting Call2Recycle/locator for the recycling of rechargeable batteries, ebike batteries and cell phone batteries. 

Most rechargeable batteries consist of the following:
Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd)
Nickel Metal (Ni-MH)
Lithium Ion (Li-ion)
Nickel Zinc (Ni-Zn)

Business Organizations Only:
(P) 877-723-1297
(Battery recycling programs available for businesses and organizations)