K-9 Unit

The MCSO's award-winning K9 Unit currently consists of three K9 deputies; K9 Skiff, whose partner is Cpl. Trevor Keller, and K9 Cash, whose partner is Deputy Cody Brockmeyer, and K9 Phinney, whose partner is Deputy Sean Forsyth.  Cpl. Trevor Keller also commands the unit. They're tasked with assisting other agencies with bomb and narcotics detection, suspect tracking, patrol, warrants sweeps and finding missing persons. The K9s receive months of training which can begin overseas, and culminates with rigorous instruction at the Penn Working Dog Center in Philadelphia before, where they are matched with their handlers. After their partnerships are formed, our K9 teams work tirelessly to safeguard our communities and continue to train for agility, apprehension, tracking, obedience, and search. Our K9s live with their partners throughout their service and after their retirement. 

We are grateful to the many generous community members, businesses and organizations  who have helped keep our K9 unit thriving by donating vests, toys, training materials or money earmarked for the unit. Find out more about how you can make a donation and become part of the team!


Skiff is an extremely energetic Dutch Shepherd and Belgian Malinois mix trained in narcotics and patrol at the University of Pennsylvania Working Dog Center. Skiff has been Cpl. Trevor Keller's partner since 202 and lives with Cpl. Keller's family along with his predecessor, K9 Artus, who retired in 2019. You can find him on Instagram @k9_skiff.



Cash was matched with Deputy Cody Brockmeyer in 2023 after graduation from scent detection and patrol training at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center.
Cash, a Belgian Malinois, specializes in narcotics detection, tracking and patrol. Check out his Instagram page, @k9cash_.


The newest member of our K9 team is Phinney, whose partner, Deputy Sean Forsyth, is an experienced K9 handler, having partnered with the late K9 Bikkel. Phinney is a German Shepherd who also completed patrol training at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center. Deputy Forsyth describes Phinney's demeanor as laid back, but also playful and disciplined. You can find him on Instagram @k9_phinney_.