Montgomery award Eligibility & Award Criteria


All projects must be located in Montgomery County and must be substantially completed when nominated. They are judged on their “as built” merits. Eligible projects receiving a Montgomery Award typically fall into the following categories:

Land Development 
These projects promote excellence in design and planning.  Projects include residential, office, commercial, and institutional developments that exemplify good site design, such as building placement, project context, parking and circulation, pedestrian amenities, landscaping, and sustainable design practices.
These projects contribute to the revitalization of older, more established communities.  Projects can include redevelopment and building rehabilitation, adaptive reuse, infill development, streetscape improvements, new parking facilities, and other community enhancements.
Open Space
These projects focus on open space preservation, land conservation, and community recreation amenities that sustain natural resources and enrich the community.  Projects can include open space, park development, trail implementation, creation of natural areas, and other recreational, cultural, and heritage amenities.
These projects promote the protection and restoration of natural features and sustainable use of resources.  Projects can incorporate habitat enhancement, riparian corridor protection, green infrastructure (green roofs, green parking lots, green streets), innovative stormwater design, energy efficiency, and renewable energy.
These projects improve mobility, enhance safety, and exemplify best planning, engineering, and context-sensitive design and construction.  Projects can include road, bridge, transit, bicycle, pedestrian, and traffic calming improvements.

These projects, the result of successful efforts by nonprofit organizations or private and public entities and partnerships, contribute to the well-being and diversity of a community. Projects could include community gardens, affordable housing, and public spaces.

Award Criteria

Our agency evaluates all submissions, and a select group of nominations is visited, judged, and awarded by the Montgomery Award Committee, consisting of members from the Montgomery County Planning Commission Board.  All projects are judged on the following criteria. 

All projects must exemplify excellence in planning, design, and implementation.  Projects will be judged on quality of design, community context, planning concept, environmental sensitivity, and sustainability.
The process involved in completing a project will also be evaluated.  This includes achievement of community goals, successful community collaboration, public/private partnerships, funding strategies, outreach, and citizen participation.   

All projects should demonstrate a positive impact to the overall value of the community. This can include economic, environmental, and recreational benefits, increased mobility, improved safety,   job creation, enhanced community image, sense of place, and the social, cultural, and economic health of the community.