Victim Services Offered Through Juvenile Probation

The Montgomery County Juvenile Probation Department is committed to balanced and restorative justice, which includes holding the juvenile offender accountable for their actions by restoring the victim, protecting the community and providing competency development to the offender.  To accomplish this, the Victim Services Unit provides services to every victim of a juvenile crime, including:


  • notification of case information and court hearings;
  • court orientations;
  • court accompaniment;
  • assistance with financial claim forms to request restitution;
  • assistance with victim impact statements
  • assistance filing for reimbursement through the Victim Compensation Assistance Program;
  • if requested, special services notification of a change in the juvneile's disposition, escape, failure to return to placement, release or transfer from placement, homes passes, and termination of court supervision;
  • referrals for counseling; AND
  • Victim Awareness Classes for juvenile offenders to enhance their understanding of the financial and emotional impact that crime has on an individual and/or community. 

We are committed to ensuring victims feel safe, empowered, and are restored to the greatest extent possible. If you do not wish to receive notifcations or submit claims/statements, please contact our Victim Service Unit.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Victim Bill of Rights
Montgomery County Juvenile Probation Victim Service Unit contact information:

For questions regarding restitution requests, please contact Carol Aversa at 610-630-2252, ext. 7675 or e-mail at

For questions regarding court accompaniment and notificaitons, please contact Susie Castor at 610-630-2252, ext. 4152 or e-mail at

Additional Resources:

For instructions on how to file a discrimination complaint with PCCD, please visit To file a complaint with the Office for Civil Rights, please visit

For services related to counseling in Montgomery County, please refer to:

The Victim Services Center

325 Swede Street, 2nd Floor

Norristown, Pa  19401


For more information on services, victim compensation, and other resources, please visit the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency website at