The Office of Sheriff in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is authorized and established by the Constitution of 1784 and the current revisions under which our Commonwealth government now operates. This Constitution provides that a sheriff shall be elected in each county for a four-year term and that his powers, duties, and compensation be prescribed by law. The first election of a sheriff in Montgomery County was held in 1789, and regular elections have been held ever since.

Sheriffs of Montgomery County


1784Zebulon Potts1874John Linderman
1787Francis Swain1877Jacob Tyson
1790Henry Kooken1880Joseph Frankenfield
1793Nathan Pawling1883Edwin S. Stahlnecker
1795Isaiah Wells1887Henry C. Kline
1795John Pugh1890Clinton Royer
1798John Markley1893Albert D. Simpson
1801Isaiah Wells1896Charles Johnson
1804William Henderson1899John K. Light
1807David Dewees1902John Larzelere
1810Isaiah Wells1905Edgar Matthews
1813Thomas Lowry1908Chauncey J. Buckley
1816Justice Scheetz1912Charles E. Schwartz
1819Philip Sellers1916Louis A. Nagle
1822Philip Boyer1920Jacob Hamilton
1825Christian Snyder1924William H. Fox
1828Jones Davis1928George M. Fratt
1831Henry Longaker1932Haseltine S. Lever
1834John Todd1936Edwin H. Bellis
1837Ardemus Stewart1938Gilbert S. Jones (acting)
1840Jacob Spoug1940R. Ronald Dettre
1843James Wells1944Samuel M. Glass
1846John Boyer1956Peter J. Reilly
1849Philip Hahn1964Merrill A. Bucher
1852M. C. Boyer1968Jeremiah P. Delaney
1855Samuel D. Rudy1980Frederick B. Hill
1858John M. Stauffer1984Frank Jenkins
1861Francis Kile1984Frank P. Lalley
1864E. N. Beysher2000John P. Durante
1867Philip Gerhart2010Alfred J. Ricci (acting)
1868William J. Bolton2011Eileen Whalon Behr
1868John W. Hunsicker2014Gregory L. Womelsdorf (acting)
1871Jeremiah B. Larzelere
2014Russell J. Bono
  2016Sean P. Kilkenny