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At the foundation of the mental health system in Montgomery County is the understanding that people can and do recover from serious mental health challenges. Once thought to be chronic conditions that remained for a person’s entire life, research has shown that most people with mental illness can get better, achieve their goals, and improve their wellness.

The experience of recovery is different for each person and it is not synonymous with “cure.” For some people, this can mean the elimination of symptoms; but for others, recovery can mean living a full and meaningful life despite the presence of significant and ongoing symptoms. The goal of mental health services is to provide the support that enables people to explore, learn, and practice wellness strategies that help them achieve their goals and dreams.

For many, the road to recovery begins in childhood or adolescence. As children grow and develop, they encounter the challenges of navigating school, friendships, and the larger world around them. Resiliency is the ability to handle these challenges in a healthy and positive way, and it is the core of the children’s behavioral health system. Resiliency focuses on strengths-based approaches to encourage children’s healthy development as they transition toward adulthood.

To achieve these goals, the Mental/Behavioral Health office of the Montgomery County Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (BH/DD) has worked for years in partnership with stakeholders to ensure the development of an integrated, community-based, recovery-oriented system of care. Our shared vision is to work toward building a service system that excels at providing cutting-edge, evidenced-based practices (EBP) that holistically support an individual’s recovery and resilience.

The Department of BH/DD remains committed to serving Montgomery County by promoting a vision of wellness, recovery, and resiliency, and by providing the services to support the recovery journeys of Montgomery County residents who experience mental health challenges.

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