Developmental Disabilities

Montgomery County, through a network of contracted providers, coordinates services and supports for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and their families. The focus of services is to assist individuals to live and participate in our community. The County Office partners with providers, supports coordinators, families and advocates to monitor and oversee the quality of services provided. As the County Office is the Administrative Entity (AE) for the state’s Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) and the PA Department of Human Services (DHS), the department performs operational and administrative oversight on behalf of ODP and DHS. Some of the responsibilities of the AE include verifying eligibility for intellectual disability services; Level of Care (LOC) evaluations; oversight and monitoring of service providers; and reviewing, approval and authorization of Individual Service Plans for all individuals registered with us.

In addition, the County Office administers the Early Intervention Program, which is an entitlement service designed to meet the developmental needs of eligible infants and children (birth to three).

The Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Disabilities is a bureau within the Department of Human Services. They are responsible for the establishment of policy and regulations which govern the intellectual disability community program. They also are the primary source of funding for the county Developmental Disabilities program. We encourage you to visit their webpage (select Services for Pennsylvanians with Disabilities) to learn more about this important state office.


The Montgomery County Office of Developmental Disabilities is a Human Services Organization that serves children, adults, and families, ensures quality services, and promotes choice, partnership and community understanding. 


The Montgomery County Office of Developmental Disabilities will ensure quality and sufficient supports to individuals we serve to enable them to be successful in the life they choose, and to assist them to fully participate in the community with dignity and respect. 

Our Core Values

  • Quality
  • Respect
  • Consumer Driven
  • Least Restrictive
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Consumer Choice

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