Drug and Alcohol Treatment

As of 2/1/04 all DUI offenders are automatically subject to a full drug and alcohol assessment if the following applies to them:

• Prior DUI offense
• Underage at time of arrest
• Use of a controlled substance
• Refusal
• BAC was .16% or greater

When a drug and alcohol assessment is court ordered (if it is recommended on your CRN results, IT IS COURT ORDERED), please enroll promptly with Rise Above at 484-681-4040. All DUI offenders that live in surrounding counties must complete their assessment at Rise Above.

You must have completed your CRN to attend the assessment. If further intervention/treatment is required from the drug and alcohol assessment at Rise Above, you can either choose to complete those requirements at Rise Above or contact a state certified agency (brochure will be given to you at your assessment) to comply with requirement.