Tuberculosis (TB) Screening, Testing & Treatment

Types of Services

The Montgomery County Office of Public Health (OPH) offers residents medical expertise, radiography, mycobacteriology, and TB therapy free of charge for both TB infection and active disease. Contact investigations of infectious cases, source case investigations, patient and family education, hospital discharge planning, and directly observed therapy are provided also.

How to Apply

For Information about TB or to make an appointment at one of our 3 clinics:
  • Norristown area, call (610) 278-5145
  • Pottstown area, call (610) 970-5040
  • Willow Grove area, call (215) 784-5415

Documents to Bring

Bring all TB-related medical information from doctor or hospital visits. This may include current medicines, lab results, TB test results, chest x-ray reports and films, and other related medical information.

Eligibility Requirements

TB risk screening is available to residents of Montgomery County. Targeted TB testing focuses on residents who are at risk for TB exposure.


  • There are no costs for medical exams and treatment services.
  • There is no cost for TB infection testing for residents with suspected or active TB disease, or contact to an active TB case.
  • There are fees for testing of residents with a positive TB risk screening.
For residents with insurance: Most health insurance should cover the cost for testing. The OPH provides TB blood test prescriptions that residents can use at the laboratories capitated by their insurance plans. Residents with positive TB blood tests must have a corresponding chest x-ray to rule out active disease. 

For residents without insurance: The OPH provides TB blood test prescriptions for laboratories offering sliding fee scales for lab testing. Residents with positive TB blood tests must have a corresponding chest x-ray to rule out active disease. The OPH covers the costs for chest x-rays for residents without insurance when services are arranged through the OPH. 


Where can I get a TB test?

TB risk screening is available to residents of Montgomery County at one of our three offices. Screening must be face-to-face with a Public Health Nurse. Interested residents are asked to complete a risk questionnaire. If the Public Health Nurse determines that a resident does have a risk for exposure to TB disease, then testing for TB infection is warranted. If the test confirms infection, the resident must undergo chest radiography and a medical exam. Those residents with a positive test should receive treatment for TB infection /or TB disease. 

Laboratory draw sites are supplied to residents at the time of risk screenings. 

What are the recommendations for TB testing requirements for Montgomery County School Districts and Post-Secondary Schools?

The OPH recommends that every school district or institution in the county adopt a school TB test modification of only testing those students who have had a risk of TB exposure. Risk screening and targeted testing for TB is a key strategy for controlling and preventing infection on school campuses. In addition this policy contributes to the larger public health goal of reducing the burden of TB in the county.


WHO Report 2021 Estimated Global Tuberculosis Incidence